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By participating in moving forward with these calls to action, you can network with other professionals in all areas of this ecosystem. We will gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that we face together in this industry. Contributing here includes sharing ideas, efforts, and results, by offering a unique way to stay connected, informed, and engaged in driving the future of clinical genomics.

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CTA #1

Health care systems should make informative public announcements about their commitment and capabilities covering the clinical genomic services they provide.

CTA #2

Medical specialty groups should have their genetic-based guidelines computable in the EHR

CTA #3

Insurance companies should clearly state their coverage policies for each test ordered by a clinician.

CTA #4

Tech products should clearly show their genomic capabilities and advance their integration of genomic data.

CTA #5

The industry needs to adopt a coding standard that supports one ID for every uniquely offered genetic test. The Genetic Testing Unit (GTU) is a five-digit alphanumeric character sequence for every uniquely marketed test. X12 standards, labs, insurance companies, and healthcare systems shouId come together to make this happen - so we can move forward.

CTA #6

As the field of genomic medicine continues to advance, it is critical that the healthcare system establish formal policies for data access to patients' full genomic records by all care providers. Genetic-based care coordination is critical for making genomics standard of care. Healthcare systems should implement the capabilities described in CTA #6 - so we can move forward.

CTA #7

It is essential for all industry stakeholders to form a coalition to advance genomics and AI technologies in a transparent and trustworthy manner. This alliance will help establish best practices, build a new ecosystem, and drive innovation. The formation of the Genomics AI Coalition (GACT) will constitute this call-to-action.