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Call to Action #7 – Genomics AI Coalition

Are healthcare providers and patients ready for AI-based applications for clinical genomics? Let’s create the Genomics AI Coalition (GACT) to purposefully move this forward.

GACT goals and activities

What are the benefits and challenges of implementing AI-based applications in clinical genomics, and how can they be addressed? Let’s begin with this statement. See the related post article here. Read the in-depth perspective report here.

The time is now for all industry stakeholders to form a coalition to advance genomics and AI technologies in a transparent and trustworthy manner. This alliance will help establish best practices, encourage collaboration, and drive innovation. Companies involved in these fields must work together to guide the impact of this new frontier in medicine.

The Action statement mentions only a few of the coalition goals and activities. Major next steps will include:

  • Continue communication to generate wide-spread participation, even in a highly competitive environment
  • Set guiding principles
  • Hold conferences and roundtable discussions on highly-focused topics
  • Launch an industry accelerator for projects of mutual benefit
  • Contribute to testing and further improvement of standards
  • Proof-of-concept pilots
  • Participate with other healthcare AI organizations
  • Submit for ARPA-H funding

Provide feedback

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