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Call to Action #6 – Genetics-based care requires care coordination

Does your local healthcare system on its website clearly list all the genetic and genomic services they provide and how to access them?

Questions to Ask

As we approach the healthcare systems about this question, what questions should we present to their digital marketing team to further the coordination of care of all genetic services? Here is my initial list. Please provide your feedback below.

My idea is to create a content example to show them why this information is important to their patients. I would like to get volunteers who want to try this with their local healthcare organizations.

  • Does the healthcare system have formal policies for data access to the patient’s full genomic record by all of their care providers?
  • Does the patient summary screen in the EHR contain all the clinically actionable genetic variants, their interpretations, and subsequent clinical decisions prescribed by any and all providers?
  • If a specialist physician orders a test, is the primary care doctor alerted of the results, and vice versa?

The Action statements above are only a few of the capabilities needed, others include:

  • genetic tests performed are reported with results and clinical interpretations in a computable format,
  • the system has the ability to collect and utilize genetic and family health history risk assessments and polygenic risk scores,
  • the effectiveness of genetic-related treatments are studied for knowledge improvement,
  • when indicated, cascade testing is available for the benefit of all family members,
  • and, a patient’s multi-omic profile is created to leverage even more ‘precision’ medicine.

Provide feedback

Do you have suggestions or feedback regarding this Call to Action? What steps or solutions do you suggest to meet these goals? Have you taken action and has it resulted in a particular outcome? Provide your comments using the form below or feel free to send an email directly to  

I will use the feedback provided to create additional posts around this topic which you will be able to view on this page. Please note that no identifying information will be included in anything posted on this website unless such identification is consented. 

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