Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Identifying the business/technology issues and solutions for making clinical genomics standard of care – with a call to action

Call to Action #7 – Genomics AI Coalition

Call to Action #7 – Genomics AI Coalition Are healthcare providers and patients ready for AI-based applications for clinical genomics? Let’s create the Genomics AI Coalition (GACT) to purposefully move this forward. GACT goals and activities What are the benefits and challenges of implementing AI-based applications in clinical genomics, and how can they be addressed? […]

Creating the Genomics AI Coalition

I propose the formation of the Genomics AI Coalition (GACT) – applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to genomics (AI/ML-Gen) in the areas of research, clinical care, the healthcare consumer, data, public health, national initiatives, and global implementations.

Call to Action #6 – Genetic-based care requires care coordination

Call to Action #6 – Genetics-based care requires care coordination Does your local healthcare system on its website clearly list all the genetic and genomic services they provide and how to access them? Questions to Ask As we approach the healthcare systems about this question, what questions should we present to their digital marketing team […]

Genomics-based care requires care coordination

The integration of genomics into patient care can be complex and requires coordination between various medical practitioners. By having access to a patient’s complete genomic profile, the healthcare team will make more informed and unified decisions about their care, leading to better outcomes.

Call to Action #1 – Health system communications on genetic services

Call to Action #1 – Health system communications on the genetic services they provide A major step in making clinical genomics standard of care is for healthcare systems to clearly explain on their website what genetic and genomic services they provide, and guide the patient on how to access them. Questions to Ask As we […]

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