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Call to Action #1 - Health system communications on the genetic services they provide

A major step in making clinical genomics standard of care is for healthcare systems to clearly explain on their website what genetic and genomic services they provide, and guide the patient on how to access them.

Questions to Ask

As we approach the digital marketing team of the health system, what items of information should we propose they include in the content about their genetic/genomic services? Here is my initial list. Please provide your feedback below, and together, let’s develop the most helpful and informative list that will benefit patients.

  • If you have a system-wide program, do you describe the top level services to your patient population?
  • Are the doctors in your participating disciplines trained and integrated within the system-wide program?
  • Do you list and describe your services by specialty?
  • Do you have genetic counselors for my disease? How do I contact them directly if I have questions?
  • How exactly is my genetic data stored and used in my medical record?
  • Do you have a family health history app I should use which, when completed, puts its risk analysis in my medical record?
  • Does the information on genetic testing explain how I can know in advance about my out-of-pocket costs?
  • How do I access my genetic test result data so I can send it to another doctor outside your system, and use it for other purposes?
  • Do you have an AI chatbot for my questions concerning your clinical genomic services?

Provide feedback

Do you have suggestions or feedback regarding this Call to Action? What steps or solutions do you suggest to meet these goals? Have you taken action and has it resulted in a particular outcome? Provide your comments using the form below or feel free to send an email directly to  

I will use the feedback provided to create additional posts around this topic which you will be able to view on this page. Please note that no identifying information will be included in anything posted on this website unless such identification is consented. 

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Response Posts to CTA#1

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