Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Identifying the business/technology issues and solutions for making clinical genomics standard of care – with a call to action

Creating the Genomics AI Coalition

I propose the formation of the Genomics AI Coalition (GACT) – applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to genomics (AI/ML-Gen) in the areas of research, clinical care, the healthcare consumer, data, public health, national initiatives, and global implementations.

Genomics-based care requires care coordination

The integration of genomics into patient care can be complex and requires coordination between various medical practitioners. By having access to a patient’s complete genomic profile, the healthcare team will make more informed and unified decisions about their care, leading to better outcomes.

Adopting one ID for every uniquely offered genetic test

The current lack of an ID for each unique genetic test raises the possibility of confusion among clinicians ordering tests and laboratories reporting them. This post explores a proposed solution and steps for implementing it.

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