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Call to Action #5 – Adopting one ID for every uniquely offered genetic test

The Genetic Testing Unit (GTU) is a five-digit alphanumeric character sequence for every uniquely marketed test, even after the test is no longer available. The industry should adopt this coding system as a standard today – so we can move forward.

Questions to Ask

As we approach the various stakeholders in this issue, what questions should we address to achieve the adoption of the GTU ID? Here is my initial list. Please provide your feedback below, and together, let’s get commitments from X12, labs, insurance companies, and healthcare systems to make this genetic test ID coding system become widely adopted.

  • What needs to be done by X12 EDI standards development to update the ASC X12 837 standard for use of the GTU genetic test identifier?
  • Who needs to authorize the use of the K3 segment on the 837P claim transaction for the GTU, complementing the most appropriate HCPCS code(s)?
  • What needs to be done to engage X12 about authorizing the use of segments on other X12 health care transactions (e.g., 278 referral/auth, 835 remittance)?
  • How do we get health insurance companies to adopt the use of the GTU?
  • How do we get sequencing laboratories to adopt the GTU?
  • How do we get healthcare lab result systems to store the GTU genetic test identifier and perform clinical genetic testing utility analysis?


Provide feedback

Do you have suggestions or feedback regarding this Call to Action? What steps or solutions do you suggest to meet these goals? Have you taken action and has it resulted in a particular outcome? Provide your comments using the form below or feel free to send an email directly to  

I will use the feedback provided to create additional posts around this topic which you will be able to view on this page. Please note that no identifying information will be included in anything posted on this website unless such identification is consented. 

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