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Call to Action #2 – Medical specialty groups computable guidelines

Medical specialty associations have scientifically developed clear guidelines for the use of clinical genomics in patient care. Now they need to drive requirements so that EHR systems support the computability of those guidelines.


Questions to Ask

As we approach the various medical specialty groups, what questions should we ask about their strategies to implement clinical genomics? Here is my initial list. Please provide your feedback below, and together, let’s help these groups make their guidelines computable.

  • Does your review of EHR-based tools conclude that your guidelines for the clinical use of genetic testing, family health history analysis, and genetic counseling are effectively coded in those tools?
  • Does your review of the clinical utility of genetic and genomic testing and the collection of a family health history conclude that this data is sufficiently integrated into diagnosis, treatment, and patient management tools?
  • What are your recommendations for patient-facing apps, and how should they participate in their genetic-based care?
  • You support ongoing research in precision medicine, but is the research data available for patient care?
  • How do you support the development of  clinical decision support functionality that combines clinical, genetic, and family health history data?
  • What are your outstanding issues in determining clinical utility?
  • What are the test reimbursement issues you need to be solved?

Provide feedback

Do you have suggestions or feedback regarding this Call to Action? What steps or solutions do you suggest to meet these goals? Have you taken action and has it resulted in a particular outcome? Provide your comments using the form below or feel free to send an email directly to  

I will use the feedback provided to create additional posts around this topic which you will be able to view on this page. Please note that no identifying information will be included in anything posted on this website unless such identification is consented. 

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Response Posts to CTA#2

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